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Rev Mike Ola Ps. 24:3-5, Matt 12:24-35, Revelation 21:7-8 What is Purity? – cleanliness, genuine, free from things that...

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Heb. 12
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Walking Worthy Of Our Calling [Series]

By Rev. Mike Ola

Fist of all, let us start off with Luke 13 (…STRIVE TO ENTER). This is used in four different ways:

(1) When you enter into a contest/challenge

(2) Contend with adversary to fight

(3) Struggle with difficulty

(4) Endeavour with strenuous zeal to get hold of something 

  •  All these point out to the fact that you have to put up more personal effort to enter the kingdom
  • Scriptural admonitions to strive for the kingdom

—  Matthew 22:14, 20:16, 2 Pet 1:10 and Phil. 2:1

Why would only few be saved? (Luke 13)

(1) Majority are seeking the wrong way; not the way of striving

  •  Rom 10:9-10 ( This is not all to salvation) for Eternity is too important for you to be careless with and You cannot be convinced if you have  not made up your mind to believe
  • 1 Cor. 9:24-27 Eternity is a ‘no return match’ for Like athletes go through rigorous training and discipline to win; we ought to do same for eternity (1 Cor. 9:24-27) for In the race of the kingdom, your true companions will be few
  • Examples of the few – days of Noah, days of lot etc.

 (2)  They seek it at the wrong time when the door is already shut

  •  Matt. 25:10-13 WHY WOULD ONLY FEW BE SAVED…?

(3) The basis of their faith (seeking) is extremely wrong (Luke 10:25-27)

  •  The best time to seek is before the door is shut and not based on familiarity
  •  Matt. 7:21-23 The emphasis is not in what you did with or for God but the practice(doing) of the word   but On what foundation your life is on so therefore Build your life on the rock (God’s word)
  • Matthew Chapters 5, 6 & 7

(4) They seek with their mouth not with their heart

God is working with your heart and not with your mouth so therefore Take radical steps to change

We have to seek beyond physical things  for it is in the spiritual that our heart lays


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By: Rev. Mike Ola
14th April, 2013

  • The ancient path means God’s standard for living as handed over to the patriarchs
  • The same way the people of old walked with God is supposed to be the way we walk with Him in this present age
  • The patriarchs all had the same landmarks in their walk with God. We are meant to seek for these landmarks and follow after.
  • God is much more interested in making you like Jesus than giving you comfort
  • Jesus says we are the light of the world; to be the light of the world, you have to ask for the ancient path
  • We are meant to contend for the ancient path and remain in it.
  • Asking for the ancient path means asking questions on how the patriarchs lived their lives and following same.