Kingdom Summit 2014 is Here!!!

So Kingdom Summit 2014 started today and i have to admit, it is definitely nothing like the previous ones. For those of you who missed out on day 1 or couldn’t make it, well, not too worry; We had you in mind and put measures in place to ensure your not left out. Continue reading

The Writings Of The Patriarch – Peter

by Rev. Mike Ola

¨  God is moving and His plans are being unfolded everyday

¨   The word of God does not need editing (Psalm 119:89)

¨   We are privileged to be custodians of the word of God

¨   Your permanent address is heaven 

¨   Presumption is very dangerous and terrible

¨  God is moving and His plans are being unfolded everyday Continue reading


Rev. Mike Ola

God has a master plan for us to share eternity in His kingdom
Make the kingdom of God your permanent address
Let it never leave your heart that you are journeying towards a permanent address
Matthew 7:21
The level of your understanding will move you to explore every avenue to know the will of God Continue reading


– To abide in Christ, You must remain in Him and his word must abide in you

– His word remaining in me is more than just quoting scriptures

So how do I let God’s word abide in me? => Meditation

The sole purpose of meditating on the word is so that we can live by it [Josh 1:8]

In these times that we are in, the only thing that can keep your head above the water is God’s Word. We have belittled God’s word and have taken Him for granted. We really need to understand how powerful His word is and live by it”

When we doubt God’s word, we insult Him.

Blessed is the man whose delight is in the word of the Lord … [Psalm 1:2]  Continue reading