By Rev. Mike Ola

Sunday, 28th December, 2014

  • As humans, we tend to dwell on things that do not have eternal value
  • As a believer, you are never where you used to be as the knowledge of God is always growing in you
  • If your achievement is not motivated by the glory of God, it is a misfortune
  • As believers, all we do should be motivated by the glory of God
  • End the year with your attention on God
  • Have a check list as you end the year
  • As the year runs out, how much of your time have you used for God?
  • As wise children of God, as the year runs out, we need to take stock of our lives
  • How have you made yourself available to the things of God this year
  • How faithful have you been to your friends this year?
  • How loyal have you been to your local assembly?
  • How faithful have you been to the resources God committed to your hands this year?
  • Eph 2:10 ( we are not saved by good works but created for good works – a testimony of our redemption)
  • Birthday means a year is gone out of the number of years God has allotted to you to fulfil His purpose for your life
  • Eph 5:15-17
  • You can never bring back a lost time but you can plan to make the most of the one you have ahead of you
  • Every day God keeps you alive is an opportunity to make your life better
  • Matt 25
  • The man with the five talents got reward from God because he put it to work immediately
  • Action plan – Spend time alone with God; evaluate your life, place your life in His Hands
  • Phil 1:3 (Desire an increase in the knowledge of God)


By Rev. Mike Ola

  • The singular act of sin in the garden of Eden made man hand over ruler ship to the devil
  • What happened in the garden of Eden was a legal deal
  •  The transaction in the Garden of Eden was between the devil and man; so, there is need for a man for its reversal
  • After the event in the garden of Eden; God set in motion, the plan for redemption
  •  A virgin had to give birth to Jesus because if He came through the natural means; He was already a sinner

Saved to Serve..? Seek His face Not His Hand

By Pst. Mrs. Joyce Ola Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Seeking God’s hand is always asking God
To seek God’s face is seeking God’s heart/mind
It is seeking God’s heart-beat and seeking audience with Him
From the world go, every one God calls is called to serve (Ex. 4:22 Let my people go…..)
David sought God’s heart (Ps. 27:8)
Despite your needs, still seek God’s face Continue reading