Rev Mike Ola

15th March 2015

ž  Prov. 31:30

 This is to every woman. Beauty is vain but charm is deceptive, women who fear the lord is to be praised but note that everything is for a while. Beauty fades away but the fear of God remains. That is the beauty that Heaven is looking for in women for they are unique and are very sensitive to the spiritual world If it is well with the women in a Community/Church it is well with that Community/Church, It is the woman that fears the Lord that would be Praised but There is a responsibility. Continue reading

Christian lifestyle Nuggets

  • Rev Mike Ola
  • Sunday
  • 22nd March 2015
  • Christian lifestyle Nuggets
  • 2 Peter 1:5-11
  • The Word of God is essential for you as milk to a baby and Through the knowledge of God’s Word you will share in His divine nature. The end product of following Christ is for you to be glorified so Make effort and determination to add to your faith
  • Christian lifestyle Nuggets
  • Goodness implies virtue, faithfulness trustworthiness, integrity, uprightness and loyaltyGod is willing to prove Himself strong on behalf of the humble
  • To moral excellence, add knowledge

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