The seven letters to the churches (Cont.)

Today’s sermon is a continuation in the series of the seven letters to the churches. The word today centres on the letter to the church in Smyrna this church is the only one without any condemnation from God. God has no favourite children; some only know how to align themselves to follow him. Everyone who will work with God must be patient and wait for his timing. Suffering in the scripture is for discipline, it is also a preventive method to keep Christians from sin. Suffering has its root in patience. Sufferings can be in the form of delay, sickness- like the thorn in Paul’s flesh. The problem is that Christians want to live a life free of in-convenience. There is consolation however in knowing that once God is on your side- he will make a way of escape. Be of good cheer child of God and count it all joy when you go through hardship, knowing that the testing of your faith brings patience, and when patience has done its complete work in you, you will be perfect entirely.

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