The seven letters to the churches.

Lessons from the sermon today can be found in Revelations 2 in the letter to the church in Ephesus. God is saying you have gone cold, fallen from where you once were. Your zeal has gone low. You have forsaken the love you had for him when you first received him. This is known as backsliding. We examined some causes of backsliding, these include; Trials, Unmet expectations, Affluence, Comfort, Seeming stagnancy, Pride comfort e.t.c
‘What is amazing is that many times it is not the negative of life that makes the church cool off; it is the carrot- the blessings that God brings our way’.
When you were trusting God for a break through, life partner, children, a job…e.t.c you were fervent and zealous in the house of God, now when we’ve gotten these blessings we turn them to excuses not to serve anymore. We don’t have time anymore for mid-week service because we are now working late, or the children need you at home…there’s only one cure: REPENT and RETURN to God.

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