• By Rev. Mike Ola
  • Righteousness is doing what is right at every time and everywhere you are, it is standing right with God; doing what is expected of you. The Bible says in Rom 3:21-26 (the right doing of God made provision for our redemption)
  • The right doing of Christ made Him, willingly, go to the cross and that has made full payment for our sins and made way for us. “Everything about Christianity is faith”
  • James 2:18, Rom. 6:20-23 (The result of righteousness )

(1) The Present life of holiness (walking along with God)

(2) Eternal life (the end of sowing to the Spirit – obeying the Spirit of God that works in your life in accordance to the word of God)  

  • Hold on to the word of God, it will transform your life and you will always continue to grow spiritually
  • Isaiah 51:7 (warning to the righteous), You cannot do what is right without obedience for Faith and works produces God-likeness in you. Righteousness can be seen in your character and in the people around you that’s why Those close to you are the ones that will reproach you in the bid to be righteous (Without righteousness, you will miss it; you can’t enter the Kingdom of God )


  • Everyone will give account to God on the same basis
  • The soul that sins shall die
  • If a man is just and does what is lawful and right, he lives; the second death has no power on him
  • If a father is righteous, his righteousness cannot save the son from death
  • A wicked son dies for his sin and he is responsible for them
  • A righteous son of a wicked father lives for his own righteousness   and doe not die the death of his wicked father
  • The wickedness of a wicked father is not passed on to the son by human relation nor die for the sin of his father
  • A wicked father dies for his sin only
  • The only time a son of a wicked father dies for his sin is when they commit the same sin
  • The son will not bear the iniquity of the father nor the father the iniquity of the son, unless they commit the same sin
  • The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him and the wickedness of the wicked, upon him
  • The wicked will live by having his death penalty, cancelled; when he chooses to stop wickedness and turns with all his heart to follow Jesus
  • All the sins of the wicked shall not be against him nor damn him on the day he quits sin
  • God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked
  • A righteous man who becomes wicked dies by incurring the penalty of the broken law
  • All the righteousness of the righteous will not deliver him the day he goes back to wickedness
  • All the righteousness done by the righteous will not be mentioned when he goes back to sin
  • The ways of God are equal and just

God judges all men who have conformed to the way of God

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