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  • Simplicity is freedom while Duplicity (trying to be what you are not) is bondage. The Christian discipline of simplicity is an inner reality that results in an outward life. With simplicity, the lust for status and position is gone because we no longer need them – they are no longer your force


  • With simplicity, we stop from the show of extravagance not for the fact that we can’t afford it but as a matter of principle
  • With simplicity, our goods become available to others
  • The world lacks the inner reality and outward life style of simplicity
  • The lust for affluence in the temporal society is psychotic (mental disorder)
  • Simplicity…(Rev. Mike Ola)


(1) We crave for things we neither need not enjoy

(2) We buy things we do not want to impress the people we do not lack

(3) We are ashamed to buy cars or use things till they are old

(4) The media has confused us that being out of step with fashion is being of step with reality

(5) We hold as our hero, a poor boy who worked hard to be rich rather than a rich man who voluntarily became poor

(6) Covetousness is confused for ambition,   hoarding for being prudent, greed for being industrious etc.

  • The Bible consistently addresses the inner slavery that makes us idolize material things
  • Simplicity should be the life style of a disciple of Jesus
  • Luke 6:30 Detach your heart from material things
  • The Lord lays great emphasis on the spiritual danger of materialism
  • God wants us to have wealth but not wealth having us
  • 1 Tim. 6:9 God wants us to live one day at a time (have Him hold our hand)
  • God wants us to have adequate material possession
  • You are not sustained by your income but by the grace and favor of God propelled by obedience

Simplicity is not living a false life of poverty

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