• By Rev. Mike Ola
  • 14:1
  • The stability of the church and society depends on mothers for mothers are the custodians of the generations to come, Women are biologically and emotionally different, Being a mother does not necessarily mean having children but being available
  • Money cannot equate a virtuous woman (Prov. 31:10-31) The foundation of a godly family and a great generation depends on mothers
  • As a woman, see yourself as responsible Titus 2:1-5, Older women is not only by age but by status (marriage) Mothers are role models and custodians of integrity; as such, they should be pious, show godly respect and a holy fear. Women are more quick to hear from God because they have a more quiet spirit so as a woman, don’t be idle, be industrious Mothers should be teachers of good things to young women as follows:
  • To love their husbands.
  • You do this by example 

(2) To love their children

  • A mother is the first teacher a child would have
  • Love other people’s children before they get theirs
  • Older women should teach the younger ones how to place value on their children

 (3) Teach them to be discrete – sensible and reasonable in their attitude to things

  • Education and learning is an all round thing to the one that is responsible

(4) Teach them to be chaste (pure)

  • Their children should be able to confide in them 

(5) Teach them to be home-makers (do house chores)

  • The younger women should be anxious to learn

All these trainings are needful so that the word of God would not be blasphemed

  1.  1 Tim 2:8-10 (wear modest clothes) Following of fashion has limit as you are not dressing for the world but as a citizen of God’s Kingdom Your emphasis should not just be all about looking good
  2. Show respect, don’t be forward
  3.  As a woman, learn to be reserved
  4.  Be moderate in all you do
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