By Pst. Mrs. Joyce Ola

What is unbelief?

It is lack of belief, vote of no confidence, distrust of God’s attributes. To cut it short It is a serious sin. It does not make us get the fullness of God, It offends and makes God angry.

  • Unbelief is not believing in the existence of God and what He can do Sometimes, we don’t say we don’t trust God but our actions show this John 8:44 (The lie of the devil brings unbelief).
  • We manifest our unbelief by what we say and our actions Matt. 13:19 (Our faith is in God and His word)
  • 13:19 (The way side heart- a heart easy for the devil to steal the word of God in us)
  • 2 Cor. 4:3-4 (the devil blindfolds not to see what the word of God says)
  • Unbelief makes you reason with the devil and the system of this world, If we claim we are God’s children, then we must fight against unbelief with faith and Faith is trust, strong belief and  confidence in God, Everyone has been given a measure of faith Heb. 11:1 (Definition of faith). Faith is a gift from God. The more you believe Him, the more He gives to you and Believing in the word of God makes our faith grow
  • God expects us to live by faith not by sight (2 Cor. 5:11) for The things of Good are done by faith, Living by faith is living by what the word of God says and disbelieving the lies of the devil (The spiritual governs the physical). Fix your eyes on the things that are not seen
  • Numbers 13&14 (The children of Israel- an example of unbelief) You don’t have to say you must see; see with the eyes of faith!
  • 14:11 — When you show unbelief, you are rejecting God
  • 14:23 — God does not tolerate unbelief as this is denying His existence
  • When you believe God, you enter a kind of rest even though everything around is not showing this (Hebrews 4) Ehp. 2:8 — The evidence of faith is peace
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