By Pst. Mrs. Joyce Ola

  • It is to be indifference and not interested in the things of God, When you careless for the things of God, Taking God and things of God with Levity and It is a state of pleasing the devil. A lukewarm Christian is as good as an unbeliever
  • 3 Signs of Spiritual Sleep
  • An un-renewed mind (Eph 4:17 – 20)
    • Studying the word renews the mind but remember that the mind is the spiritual battle ground, When God wants you He whispers to the mind and so does the devil and the more we allow the devil to deposit things in our mind we will become spiritually asleep. God wants to take control of our minds but remember that the devil is also contending for your mind
  • Distraction (John 15:6)
  • Being absent minded and wandering mind, Thinking/ worrying over pressures of life and unanswered prayers. A heart that is always distracted is controlled by the devil and your loyalty is to the devil when you are distracted
  • Not being alert (Rev 22:16)
  • There are many Bibles and doctrines in the world today, you need to know the truth and test all spirits and statements being alert is watching and being ready for the return of Christ. THESE ARE NOT TIMES FOR RELAXATION! BE SPIRITUALLY AWAKE!

Ephesians 5:15 – 18

  • Walk with care and caution; many things in this life wants you to fall, people that are awake and busy and not lazy people they are redeeming the time they want to know the will of God and they want to do it, so cultivate the Spirit of God and learn how to walk in God’s presence

Ephesians 5:15 – 20; 6:18

  • Walk in the Spirit, Have a grateful heart, Sing hymns, praises and worship, Pray always, intercede, Be watchful and not speculating the Coming of Christ -2Peter 3:3-10, Live at peace with neighbors James5:9. Moderation in everything is a sign of being awake and watching –Phil 4:5

1 Thes. 4:18

  • Comfort each other with the coming of Christ –Maranatha! Putting Jesus return in the front burner helps us to remain awake, continue in good works –Matt 25.



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