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Following Jesus

Ephesians 4:20-21

  • But you have not so learned Christ surely you heard him and were taught the truth in Christ
  • Does your life reflect Christ?
  • When we say we have given our lives to Jesus we must then allow him to have his way in every aspect of our lives.

In the way we walk, talk, and make choices, etc.

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Luke 19:11-27

  • You have not been called to a life of comfort.
  • the purpose of God for your life is more important than your luxury
  • maturing you is of more importance to God than blessing you [Luke 9:23]
  • Self makes it hard to be a true disciple of Christ because you are still on your own throne.
  • Be convinced: Jesus is the only way (Get to that point of resolute certainty).
  • Our road has been cut out for us to prepare people to be worthy of presentation to God.
  • Don’t be full of yourself. you won’t be able to accept correction-No one can speak to your life. God resists the proud but grants grace to the humble
  • What will it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?
  • Don’t ever live for ‘the now’ (Don’t make the same mistake like Esau did).

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Rev. Mike Ola (Sunday, 5th May, 2013) MEANING OF SUBMISSION…. To arrange my life under the divine overview of...


By: Rev. Mike Ola
14th April, 2013

  • The ancient path means God’s standard for living as handed over to the patriarchs
  • The same way the people of old walked with God is supposed to be the way we walk with Him in this present age
  • The patriarchs all had the same landmarks in their walk with God. We are meant to seek for these landmarks and follow after.
  • God is much more interested in making you like Jesus than giving you comfort
  • Jesus says we are the light of the world; to be the light of the world, you have to ask for the ancient path
  • We are meant to contend for the ancient path and remain in it.
  • Asking for the ancient path means asking questions on how the patriarchs lived their lives and following same.

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We are sorry for the silence for the past few months. It was due to unforeseen circumstances. We are glad to inform you that we are back and will continue to pour out those posts ASAP 🙂 . God bless you – Stay tuned

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The seven letters to the churches.

Lessons from the sermon today can be found in Revelations 2 in the letter to the church in Ephesus. God is saying you have gone cold, fallen from where you once were. Your zeal has gone low. You have forsaken the love you had for him when you first received him. This is known as backsliding. We examined some causes of backsliding, these include; Trials, Unmet expectations, Affluence, Comfort, Seeming stagnancy, Pride comfort e.t.c
‘What is amazing is that many times it is not the negative of life that makes the church cool off; it is the carrot- the blessings that God brings our way’.
When you were trusting God for a break through, life partner, children, a job…e.t.c you were fervent and zealous in the house of God, now when we’ve gotten these blessings we turn them to excuses not to serve anymore. We don’t have time anymore for mid-week service because we are now working late, or the children need you at home…there’s only one cure: REPENT and RETURN to God.

The seven letters to the churches (Cont.)

Today’s sermon is a continuation in the series of the seven letters to the churches. The word today centres on the letter to the church in Smyrna this church is the only one without any condemnation from God. God has no favourite children; some only know how to align themselves to follow him. Everyone who will work with God must be patient and wait for his timing. Suffering in the scripture is for discipline, it is also a preventive method to keep Christians from sin. Suffering has its root in patience. Sufferings can be in the form of delay, sickness- like the thorn in Paul’s flesh. The problem is that Christians want to live a life free of in-convenience. There is consolation however in knowing that once God is on your side- he will make a way of escape. Be of good cheer child of God and count it all joy when you go through hardship, knowing that the testing of your faith brings patience, and when patience has done its complete work in you, you will be perfect entirely.